Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog 26/365 TTT ~ Surprise Surprise!!!

Hello Think Tank Thursday!!! TTT = LOVE IT!

I had planed to focus today's Think Tank Thursday around a simple question...

~ When was the last time you put yourself out there?

As many of you already know, earlier this month I put myself out there. I applied to write a guest blog series for a women's website...and I was accepted! I asked, and WOW did I ever receive!

Last Sunday I submitted the was received amazingly well...and yesterday was supposed to be the release date. I rose with a little extra excitement, absolutely ready to read:-) However, what did I read? It was not my was an e-mail stating that there was a health issue and the series is to be delayed...SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!

The health issue turned out to a bump on a breast, no laughing matter. A biopsy has been preformed and we are now waiting for the results. Please send Erica Diamond some positive vibes. To read more about Erica's health issue click -> WomenOnTheFence

As I said in a my application e-mail Me+Women's Blog = LOVE IT! "Money comes and money goes...but time only goes." Time is finite friends! You never know when you may have an unexpected visit to the doctor. We can Plan Plan Plan, but there will always be surprises! That's simply the beauty of life:-)

This brings us to our new Think Tank Thursday topic...

~ ARE you going to put yourself out there?

~ ARE you going to make the most out of your life?

Make it a great day and think about it:-)

Sending love,


Opportunities await you...sometimes you just have to open the door! You may just be surprised:-)


canadanewsnow said...

I always put myself out there

J said...

I cried when I read it....I have been in those shoes, and wish them upon no one. I hope nothing but the best outcome for her, and believe that regardless of the outcome of situations we are thrust into...they are meant to be...and of course "it's what we make of it" that matters.

I too am putting myself out there, and love the results I encounter!!!


Stephen said...

Love to hear it! You guys are amazing!!!

Erica Diamond said...

Thank you for your kind words Stephen. I so greatly appreciate your support.

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