Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blog 27/365 My Band's first Album!

The other day a friend of mine posted an activity on her Facebook wall that was so much fun, I decided to feature a blog post on it. Come on, I had to...MY BAND'S NAME WAS OYSTER BORER! haha (I am seriously laughing while writing this:-)

The activity is simply a series of steps to create an album cover.
If you follow them...
1. you are guaranteed a laugh!
2. Just maybe your first album cover will turn out as sweet as Oyster Borer's Happening to Somebody Else album:-)

Create Your Band's Album

Step 1. Go to Wikipedia and hit Random Article. The first Random Article you get is your Band's name.
Step 2. Go to QuotationsPage and again hit Random. The last 4 or 5 words of the last quote make up your album name.
Step 3. Go to Flicker and hit The Last Seven Days at the bottom of the page. The 3rd picture to come up is your picture no ifs ands or buts!
Step 4. Use PicNik to put it all together
Step 5. Post picture to FB, tag the people you want in your band, and put this link for instructions ~
Step 6. E-mail Suchie your Album cover! ~

Make it a great day and enjoy,

ps...excited to see your album covers!

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Nick Rose said...

Funny Suchie.

Anonymous said...

good fun, just posted mine on fb

Stephen said...

PS. and Tag me in your FB picture! (Stephen Szucs) :-)

Steven Phillip Collins said...

This was fun, I just did it myself

Anonymous said...

This sounds like too much fun

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