Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blog 6/365 Me + A Womens Blog = LOVE IT!

"Ask and you shall receive"...RIGHT!?!?

Well I just applied to be a guest blogger on a women's blog!
Below is my "application e-mail"...I thought you might enjoy the read:-)

Erica if you are reading this...Hi again:-)

Make it a good day everyone! Always living, learning, loving, and laughing!



Good morning Erica, Good afternoon Erica, Good evening Erica, Go back to bed and read this in the morning Erica! :-)

"insert appropriate greeting here" Erica,

My name is Stephen Szucs and whenever you happen to be reading this digital letter, know that I enjoyed writing it.
Erica, this morning I woke up to this message...

"Blog exposure
Just an idea...and don't be put off by the "women" part. Us women always like to hear what men think...
Check out this link...looking for guest bloggers and has some good exposure

Little does this reader know that I was very "put on" by the women part:-)

In an effort to actively work towards my goals I started a blog in November 2010. My original premiss was to challenge myself to do the things "they say" will lead to a more fulfilling life. So my blogging journey began...I vocalized, and now I am accountable to act!

Bye the way, if you are wondering...Yes, the pitch is coming soon:-)

With testing action in mind we had our first blog challenge..."The 6am challenge" ~ wake at 6am for 10 days in a row and preform activities to strengthen/exercise mind, body, and spirit. Presently we are participating in our second blog challenge..."Journal Challenge 2011" ~intended to challenge us, promote both internal and external awareness, and to inspire us as we continue working towards our wants, goals, and desires.

Concept = Focus our thought-> Grow awareness -> Focus our action towards our goals -> Accomplish!

Immediately after reading your tag "get off the fence and start living," which I love by the way, I thought about something I said to a friend today: "Money comes and money goes...but time only goes!" Act now or have a midlife crisis later, eh! :-)

All that being said, here is the pitch...Drum roll please....tatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatata

I would like to lead a 14 day Journal Challenge for WomenOnTheFence!

Now, I realize this may exceed the "Approx 750" words you requested (haha) but I do feel it has the potential to get some women off the fence!

Of course I could also write an "Approx 750" word post regarding pubic hair, meditation, what guys want, or about "acting now or having a midlife crisis later"...but for some reason my gut said "Journal Challenge" (a close second was "Act now or have a midlife crisis later") haha

I'll close by quoting/personalizing a little Casablanca: "Erica, I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" :-)

I looking forward to your reply, I thank you for you time, and hope you make it a good day!

Stephen Szucs "Suchie"

ps...if you are wondering how to pronounce my crazy Hungarian last name...answer = "such" and there is lies the reason many call me Suchie:-)
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