Friday, January 28, 2011

Blog 28/365 Marketing Meets Awesome Album Covers!

So I was thinking today...haha (I know, dangerous eh:-)

Anyways, how creative were the marketing minds that came up with the Album Cover idea?
I am pretty sure that yesterday's activity was intended to drive traffic to the site what did they really do?

~ Create an activity that entertains the masses and watch it spread virally

Got an idea? Could you make it happen? Curious...would you use picnik again?

Make it a great time:-)


ps. Here are the album covers that were submitted:-) Which takes the cake?
1. Purple Hotness
2. Senses
3. Dave's Acoustic Brunch
4. Jack Johnson's brother
5. 80's Rock...HEYOOOOOO!!!
6. Fusion of Enya and House

7, Enya's sister
8. Where r u going?
9.Religious Sounds of Nature
10. Hippie Religion

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