Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blog 8/365 I got a Modeling Gig! HAHA

Ya'll are going to love this.....

I got a modeling gig! HAHAHAHAHA I know! :-)

Want to take a guess at the subject matter...?

Wait for it....



So here are the details...I will be the human specimen/creative muse for an artist who wants to do a series of Tarzan related drawings. By February 1st, I have to:

1. Get rather fit (aka 3 weeks to ripped!)
2. Be photographed swinging from tree to tree...ok maybe not from tree to tree:-)

Considering I have never modeled before this certainly should be an interesting experience! Tequila maybe involved:-)Always living, learning, experiencing and growing...right!?! :-)

Get out there and try something new!

Make it a great weekend!

Sending love, Suchie

ps...anyone want to be my Jane? lol

Artist - Nick Rose :-)

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Now for more random Tarzan pics....


MSM said...

Doll- you are in good hands with Nick!


Bree in Spain said...

Awesome! It's so great that you're always trying new things. That's what life is for! :)

Stephen said...

Always living, learning, laughing and loving:-) How are you challenging yourself B? I am excited and trust the hands you put me in Til! love you ladies:-)

Nancy Sywak said...

I would be your Jane as long as the roles comes with the little chimpanzee...heheheheheheh

Nick Rose said...

I'm looking forward to working with you Suchie, it will be a blast!

Joe said...

my man making moves! good look bro!

Stephen said...

NaS ~ Nick...can we have a chumpanzee? lol Joe - get ripped and swing from tree to tree...sounds good to me:-) lol

Brandellaa said...

I was Mary Jane for a UCF art student...he had to make a film poster for Spiderman 2 (this was before there actually was a Spiderman 2)...I had red hair at the time and I was looking up at the reflective glass windows that jut out of the building across from the SU and he Photoshopped Spidey in the was fun :) Good luck!

J said...

hahaha!!! Not sure how I missed this post!!! Can't wait to see the results!!! I'm sure it will be great!

J :)

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