Friday, January 7, 2011

Blog 7/365 I LOVE IT!

Dec, 6th ~ 8:45pm I read an e-mail from a reader suggesting that I apply to be a guest blogger for a site called WomenOnTheFence.

Dec, 7th ~ 12:51am I finished my application e-mail for WomenOnTheFence

Dec, 7th ~ 8:40am I received an e-mail from WomenOnTheFence greeting me with 3 magical words...

"I love it!"

All I could think was...Are you kidding me!?! Is this for real!?! Did I really just become the guest blogger for a women's blog receiving 100,000 hits monthly and syndicated on 8 sites, collectively receiving 2 MILLION hits monthly!?!? Did all of this really just happen in the span of 14hours!

To quote one of my best friends: "Yes! This is happening!"

I still can't believe it...I also can't believe how excited I am to do something for free! lol

All that being said...I want to say thank you for your support. When you post a comment, my heart smiles. When the blog gets a new e-mail subscriber, I do a little happy dance:-) When you write me an e-mail, I sit down with a smile and respond with love.

Focus your thoughts -> Focus your actions -> and work towards your goals! (and please do all that in a sustainable manner:-)

I guess it is time to get to work eh! :-)

Make it a great day! Dance this weekend even it is just you in your living room with your favorite tunes!

Sending love, Suchie

ps...wanted to show you want my office looked like today...aka brought Mya to see some friends:-)
Mya's head on my leg, Bengi, and Bella:-)

Time to E-mail Subscribe 4 Free:)


J said...

gotta love the dogs!!! Ours has to be wherever we are!!! I think the kids get jealous sometimes...hehe

:) J

Ian said...

Can't wait to read the article. When will it come out?

Anonymous said...

Sunday ..up at 5:30am just a little ahead of the 6am time frame. Love your blog read it everyday time permitting,sometimes have to do catch up! Today will be the day to visit my Uncle who had a stroke last month and going through major rehab. My goal this year is to spend more time with family and friends, quality time! Cheryl

Stephen said...

Cheryl, love it! Quality focused time is a beautiful thing! Sorry to hear about your uncle bye the way! looks like I will be doing a 14 day blog series!!! Tell you more about it on Wednesday:-) J~One just has to love the love which our are pets:) Thank you all for your support! lets keep growing shall we?:-)

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