Friday, February 4, 2011

Blog 35/365 Home + Work = Friday night:-)


I could be wearing a lederhosen with over 30 amazing friends in florida celebrating the birthdays of 4 loved ones. (YES...das boot! -> true story!)
(Ya'll look fantastic!)
In reality

I am in Simcoe, my hometown of 15k, working on a friday night while listening to dance music, by myself, and toasting my friends with a tequila and pineapple:-)
(cheers to you, friends!)
There seems to be a stark dichotomy between those two scenarios eh?!? lol

So why am I sitting in a cold climate, by myself, and not wearing a lederhosen with friends in the Florida warmth? Sometimes you have to buckle down! Like I wrote yesterday, I want to iron out somethings left simmering on the back burner...
  1. Write my manifesto
  2. Write my TV Treatments, study networks, and identify competition
  3. Do my Journal Challenge (yes, between writing the journal challenge and daily blog posts I did not have time to participate myself!)
  4. Organize future blog posts in a proactive effort to be more prepared and efficient with my time.
  5. Have my Tarzan photo shoot:-)
  6. Identify companies that I would like to work with and submit my CV(ideas?)
  7. Outline the first 2 books I want to write
  8. Fingers crossed...close the 2 solar deals presently in the pipeline.
  9. Decide where I want to move!
So tonight I am starting with some of the journal challenge and I invite you to join:-)
Questions 1-4 ~
1. Why am I writing?
2. What do I love about myself? Areas of desired growth?
3. How do I feel others view me? How do I view myself?
4. How do you want to be viewed in one year, 5 years, 10 years, 25 years, and after you are dead?

ALSO!!!! Starting tomorrow, when I wake up for the next 21days I will be starting a grateful/gratitude post series:-) I would tell you more...but that is tomorrows blog! :-)

Make it a great day!

with love,

Stephen Szucs...aka Suchie...aka SuchieLove:-)

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Stephen said...

forgot to you have anything left simmering on your proverbial "back burners?"

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