Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blog 34/365 I CANCELED A TRIP!

I cancelled a trip!

I love experiencing new things...I love growing...Always Living, Learning, Laughing, and Loving...aka I NEVER CANCEL TRIPS!!!

Well it is 11:26pm and I am still in Canada.

I have 4 friends with birthdays in the next 6 days = celebrations & memories galore! I could literally be on my way to FLORIDA right now! Hmmmm snow, or HELLO BEACHES!

However after a long conversation this morning with one of my best friends, a soon to be B-day boy, and while staring at a partially packed suitcase...I unpacked the suitcase, and I stayed.

I stayed because I want a plan. I have talked about writing my Manifesto, finishing my TV treatments, tightening up the blog's organization, and identifying my future means of cashflow long enough. It is time to focus and DO IT! So over the next 10days I will do just that....
  1. Write my manifesto
  2. Write my TV Treatments, study networks, and identify competition
  3. Do my Journal Challenge (yes, between writing the journal challenge and daily blog posts I did not have time to participate myself!)
  4. Organize future blog posts in a proactive effort to be more prepared and efficient with my time.
  5. Have my Tarzan photo shoot:-)
  6. Identify companies that I would like to work with and submit my CV(ideas?)
  7. Outline the first 2 books I want to write
  8. Fingers crossed...close the 2 solar deals presently in the pipeline.
  9. Decide where I want to move!
Sometimes I wish I could satisfy everybody all the time...but ultimately we can only do the best we can with what we have. There is a question for you...

Are you doing the absolute BEST you can with what you have?

I will leave you today with a quote that one of the birthday girls sent me in response to my cancelation notice...

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living. Growth demands a temporary surrender of security.”

Surrender of security...hmmm, I am staying...I want to complete these objectives!

Make it a great day, do your BEST, and keep growing.

B-day friends...I love you and wish you the most amazing birthdays EVER!


ps. If you are wondering how I will be able to focus on Superbowl Sunday?!?! Sorry to disappoint, I'll watch the game... but more for the commercials, cheerleaders, comradery & history then the callous competition & helmets. Side note ~ Go Packers!

Ellie my Element went on a date:-)


Greg Traub said...

I thought I heard this super bowl there was not going to be cheerleaders?? Maybe it was a nightmare.

Anyway, I'm gonna figure out skype on my laptop this weekend and touch base

Stephen said...

will be looking forward to it brother!

in-bloom said...

Hello Elements!

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