Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blog 37/365 FEATURED + Jan 12 in 12 + Monday Motivation!

So much fun news to report on this Monday Morning.

1st ~ As you can see, Jan's 12 in 12 Collage is up:-)
2nd ~ My blog was featured on Toby Neal's blog yesterday! Thanks Toby:-)
3rd ~ We have 12 in 12 Groups in Austin, Jersey Shore & a FB group page! Let me know if you want to start a team. Giddy up:-)
4th ~ We are a 10th of the way through 2011 & I have blogged everyday.
5th ~ My Journal Challenge is putting me through the ringer...but with challenge comes growth!
6th ~ 5 gratitudes a day = Awesome!

Simply put on this Monday Morning

Keep doing the little things and working towards your goals!

My 5 gratitudes today were:
I am grateful for: Health, Friends & Family, Laughter, Freedom, & the resources I have.
I have loved hearing some of your gratitudes! Keep them coming and thanks for sharing!

Make it a great day!


ps. I joined is to the follow-->

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