Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog 20/365 Post 100! LETS GET 100 HITS TODAY!


I can't believe this is the 100th post!!! Whether this is your first taste of SuchieLove or you are a daily reader...THANK YOU! Or as I said in Blog #2 "Thank you, Danke, Merci, Dank u, Grazie, y Gracias!" YOU inspire ME! If you are a first time reader, know that all posts connect with our Premise or Mission! I hope you laugh, think, feel, live, and love!

Our premise~

Challenge ourselves->Grow awareness->Focus Thought->Focus Action->Achieve!

Mission ~

To build a healthy community of individuals working towards their goals/wants/ and desires, in service of others, while developing a sustainable global future. To preserve, protect, and steward our world; insuring that all species have the necessary natural resources needed for survival! To live, learn, laugh, and love!

Now where have we been since November?

I have learnt the difference between Hits & Pageviews:-)
Fingers crossed...I am to be syndicated (hopefully will know tomorrow!)

Where are we going?

For starters it's Manifesto time! (What are you living your life for?)
3 TV treatments to write and pitch!
12 in 12 - details coming soon:-)
A blog post a day
Monthly Challenges to come(would tellbut that would kill the surprise!)
A PLAN PLAN PLAN (btw, let me know if you have ideas how I can make money writing)
Possible Book Club...let me know if you are interested?
Adventure, Laughter, Love, Thought, Lessons

Now considering this is our 100th post...and considering we have yet to have a measured day with more then 100 hits...LETS GET 100 HITS TODAY!!!

Step one ~ Please post the blog link in your Facebook status for the day. Find your favorite post, copy the link and write a personal message...or cut and paste this ~ "Check out and post my friends blog to your FB status! Oh ya, and Subscribe!")

Step two ~ Email friends you feel would enjoy the blog

Step three ~ Subscribe now

Step four ~ I would say write a letter...but I don't feel they would receive it in time! lol

Again I would like to thank you for contributing to my life. Lets live, learn, laugh, and love! Lets give future generations a better place to live...a better life! Lets Challenge ourselves->Grow our awareness->Focus our Thoughts -> Focus our Actions-> and Achieve great results!

As with everyday...I hope that you make it a great day!

Sending SuchieLove,


"We are what we do!"
"Where you invest your love, you invest your life!" Mumford & Sons

1 comment:

Kyle said...

I'd tap that 100 posts brother! Good Work keep it up! Kyle

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